Vocational Development of Agro-Industry

In October 2017, Bayer signed a cooperation agreement with Medco Group to participate in the accelerated revitalization program of Vocational High School (SMK) and the strengthening of vocational education initiated by the Ministry of Education. This cooperation in education involved 4 agricultural SMK in the work area of Medco in Merauke, Papua: SMKN 1 Jagebob, SMKN 1 Tanah Miring, SMKN 1 Kumbe, and SMK Antonius.


In this initiative, Bayer provides learning media for vocational students. The medium includes the development of concepts and modules as well as agricultural industry education materials, provide professional mentors, to incorporate good farming practices to suit the needs of local agro-industries.


Medco provides land facilities for a training center and integrated agricultural laboratory, accompanied the adjustment of agricultural education vocational curriculum, establish Field Farming School and mobilize resources.


The Vocational revitalization acceleration program is expected to improve the quality of SMK graduates in agriculture within Merauke to become modern farmers who can encourage the acceleration of development in Papua. The Merauke area itself has a high potential of agro-industry that requires resources capable of using advanced agricultural technology.