Disaster Relief

In the aftermath of earthquake and tsunami that struck Central Sulawesi in Indonesia in 2018, PT Bayer Indonesia, working together with NGO partner Mercy Corps Indonesia, conducted disaster relief program in health and agriculture recovery. On the 1st phase of emergency, Bayer distributed water and hygiene kits to prevent health risk due to the severe damage of the access to clean water and sanitation. The intervention has benefited 1/3 of the total refugees who were living in the tents. Due to damage to Gumbasa irrigation as primary channel for Sigi Regency, on the 2nd phase, Bayer distributed water pumps to irrigate the dry farms and trained smallholder farmers on good agriculture practice to cultivate corn and horticulture. The water pumps have irrigated 300 hectares farm fields and bringing Sigi farmers to celebrate their first corn harvest that reached 7.9 tons per hectare, higher than the national average productivity.