27 March 2015

Saridon White & Black Enchances the Productivity of the Youth to Stay Active

Bayer encourages  the youth to stay active, maximize the productivity and not to miss the important moments.

Jakarta, March 26, 2015 - Most of people in productive age (20-35) have a very high work activities, followed with active social life. Lost moments in work will impact in long term for the work reputation and social life. Understanding the importance to stay fit while running a high-paced activity for the productive age, today, Bayer Indonesia is introducing Saridon White & Black.


In their productive age, people tend to spend nearly half of their time outside the house, either for work or socializing. To keep the balance of work and life (Work-Life Balance) they are forced to have higher performance. High level of activities will make them vulnerable to illnesses. According to Occupational Medicine Specialist Association of Indonesia (PERDOKI), level of productivity can be affected by the irregularity or the unbalanced between the excessive activity and the optimal rest. Common illnesses like colds and coughs are often suffered by office workers because of the ‘sick building syndrome'.


"The cause of the decline in productivity is closely related to daily work environment. One of the illnesses that often arises because of low level of immunity system, are flu and cough. During the flu season, approximately 1/3 of the office building is occupied by the flu germs. Evenmore, the office space has poor air circulation and interaction between employees are very intense. However, 80% of workers insisted on going to work when they are sick. So that the work environment becomes more susceptible to viruses and bacteria,” said dr. Nusye E. Zamsiar, MS, SPOK, Chairman of the Occupational Medicine Specialist Association of Indonesia.


"The level of productivity can be affected by the irregularity or the balance between optimal rest and excessive activity. Having a high productivity without maintaining the health when the immune system is decreasing, will greatly impact the body, make it vulnerable to illness. Sometimes, flu and cough are not taken seriously and not appropriately treated. Of course they will interfere the performance,” added dr. Nusye.


"For me, working in creative industry never ceases to continuely creating unique works. My job knows no limits of time and we frequently use the room with no air circulations from morning until night. Not only in the office, I also gain activities to meet other communities to maintain new inspirations. This non-stop and diverse activities are sure very prone to experience health declining. I most often experience flu and cough," said Keenan Pearce, a Young Entrepreneur who also came to the press conference. "So in my busy life, I need a medicine that is appropriate and practical as an answer to boost my self while showing high performance without losing the important moments. And I can keep working, utilizing the present moment to continue showing my actualization.”


Saridon White & Black is a medicine for flu and cough with 2 new formulas, white caplet for morning or afternoon (4 caplets) that does not cause drowsiness, and black caplets (2 caplets) to help to get the optimal rest at night. Saridon White & Black aims to help solving the health problems in the morning/afternoon, while in night, helping those who need the perfect and practical medication to complement the dynamic and fast paced lifestyle of productive age.


Anton Susanto, Head of Corporate Communications at Bayer Indonesia adding "Bayer sees the needs of these productive age people who want to continue their activities without missing the moments to do self-actualization. Therefore, today we introduce Saridon White & Black, a new cough and cold medicines with a new formula for the productive age people, that is able to maintain the health without restraining the activities."


The balance between productivity and an optimal break is the main reason for Saridon White & Black launching. It answers both needs by having 2 formulas in one blister pack.

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About Saridon White & Black

• Saridon White & Black is the combinaton of PAS, to overcome flu and cough at morning/noon and night in one packet.
• Saridon White & Black consists of 2 formulas, white and black caplet, in 1 packet. White packet, with 325 mg Paracetamol, 30 mg Dextromethorpan HBr, and 15 mg Pseudoephedrine HCl, does not cause drowsiness at morning/noon. While the black caplet, with 325 mg Paracetamol, 30 mg Dextromethorpan HBr, 15 mg Pseudoephedrine HCl, and 25 mg Diphenhydramine HCl, helps to promote optimal rest at night.
• There are six caplets in one blister/strip, that consists of 4 white caplets and 2 black caplets. Two white caplets and one black caplets of SWB can be consumed in one day. This will help to reduce flu and cough at morning/noon without causing drowsiness, while at night helps to promote the optimal rest.
• Saridon White & Black has been availabe in market since 2014.
• Saridon White & Black is a blue dot product. Blue dot product means the medicines can only be purchased under the prescriptions or official drug store.
• Saridon White & Black targets the male and female (25 – 39 years old) who live in urban area and also an office worker. We see that the age demography is the demogprahy of productive age. They are working on their career and socially active. They are a part of the society who require whole package of solution for flu and cough, without causing them lose the productive moment.
• Saridon White & Black is affordable, only Rp8500,-/blister.
About Flu and Cough
The symptoms of flu and cough often happen when the immune system is decreasing, which is caused by varied factors including:
• Human factors: exhaustion due to excessive working, long duration of commuting, lack of rest, bad life style, irregular eating, and lack of exercises.
• Work environment factors: varied of illnesses that come from working environment or sick building syndrome (SBS), such as, headache, sore throat, limp, cough, sneezing, cold, and hard to consentrate.
This is related to the air quality of the working environment, especially when it comes to office space with bad air circulation, too low temperature, low maintenance of air conditioner that causes the growth of bactery and fungus, air pollution from other casualities (smoke, carpet dust, smog on the parking lot, and another chemical stuffs)


Anton Susanto
Head of Corporate Communication
Tel: + 62 21 3049-1506
E-mail: anton.susanto@bayer.com


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