Active ingredient

: Amonium glufosinat 150 g/l

Registration number

: RI. 01030119921113

Formulation form  

: Water soluble

Formulation color   

: Greenish blue

Working method            

: Systemic


: Hazardous


: 25 L


Non-selective post-growth systemic herbicide in greenish blue water-soluble concentrate to control weeds on clove, cacao, rubber, soy, palm, coffee, sugar, and tea plantations.



  • Comply to the principle and criteria of RSPO-P and C 4 6
  • Possesses a wide spectrum and effective against weeds that have developed resistance to glyphosate and paraquat
  • Able to be applied on low to extremely low-volumed technology due to reduced toxicity
  • Safe to be applied on young and pre-yielding crops due to its contact quality.
  • Not causing parthenocarpy
  • Suitable for environmental friendly gardens
  • Does not require a special type of water, maintains result on peat field with acidic pH
  • Mixes well with sulfonylurea and other synergic herbicides.