Antibiotic for cats and dogs

Active Ingredient


Enrofloxacin (prescription only)

Registration Number


15mg = KEMENTAN RI No. 16075124 PKM
50mg = DEPTAN RI No. I. 09073637 PKM
150mg = DEPTAN RI No. I 10073867 PKM

Formulation form


Tablets Oral



50 tablets/Box, Available in 3 variant
15mg = green line
50mg = blue line
150mg = purple line


Broadest spectrum antibiotic for cats and dogs to treatment against bacterial infection like gram positive bacteria, gram negative bacteria and intracellular pathogens. For prescription only.

 Benefits :

  • Has the highest Mutant Prevention Concentration (MPC) value, thus minimizing the potential for bacterial mutations
  • High bioavailability (95-100%)
  • Rapidly to kill bacteria
  • High accumulation in white blood cells (WBC)
  • Less risk of endotoxin shocks
  • Tissue level concentration exceed serum concentration level

Direction of use :

  • Must be consulted and prescribed by a veterinarian
  • Routinely visit your trusted veterinary clinic / veterinarian