Endo-ecto parasite solution for cats

Active Ingredient


Imidacloprid 10%, Moxidectin 1%.

Registration Number


KEMENTAN RI No. I. 14124931 PTC

Formulation form





3 pippets/Box, Available in 2 packsize
Size S (orange) = cats/ferrets BW up to 4 kg
Size L (purple) = BW 4-8 kg


Broad spectrum anti parasite spot-on for cats as prevention and treatment from infestation of endoparasite (roundworm, hookworm, whipworm, heartworm, skin worm, lungworm, spirocerca lupi) and ectoparasite (fleas, larvae, louse, cat scabies/notoedres, ear mite/otodectes).


 Benefits :

  • Proven and trusted as the leading broad spectrum endectocide spot-on for cats
  • Does not cause stress  
  • Safe for weekly application (severe case)
  • Safe for heartworm positive cats
  • Can be used for kitten 9 weeks of age

Direction of use :

  • Protect Your cats from environment contaminated parasite with Advocate by monthly.