Ecto parasite (tick, flies, mosquitos) solution for dogs

Active Ingredient


Imidacloprid 10%, Permethrin 50%.

Registration Number


DEPTAN RI No. 10113941 PTC

Formulation form





4 pippets/Box, Available in 4 packsize
Size S (green) = BW up to 4 kg
Size M (light blue) = BW 4-10 kg
Size L (red) = BW 10-25 kg
Size XL (navy blue) = BW 25-40 kg


Broad spectrum anti parasite spot-on for dogs as prevention and treatment from infestation of ectoparasite (ticks, fleas, louse, flies, mosquitos).

 Benefits :

  • Proven and trusted as the leading broad spectrum ecto-parasiticide spot-on for dogs.
  • Does not cause stress.
  • Safe for weekly application (severe case).
  • Safe for pregnancy and lactating bitch.
  • Can be used for puppy 7 weeks of age.
  • Repellent effect to protect against myasis (caused by flies), heartworm (transmitted by mosquitos) and protect against blood parasite (transmitted by ticks).

Direction of use:

  • Protect your dogs from environment contaminated parasite with Advantix by monthly
  • Do not use for cats