Active ingredient

: Fluopikolid 6% dan
  Propineb 66.7%

Registration number

: RI. 01020120072819

Formulation form  

: Powder

Formulation color   

: Brownish gray

Working method            

: Translaminar


: Not hazardous


: 50 gr, 200 gr


Suspension-friendly fungicide with protective quality in brownish gray pellets to control fungal-induced crop diseases on orchid, apple, leek, shallot, chilli, cacao, durian, corn, string bean, soy, potato, cucumber, cabbage, chrysanthemum, pepper, melon, watermelon, tobacco, and tomato.



  • New “mode of action” active ingredient
  • Effective in preventing antrachose leave disease
  • Works as a preventive, anti-sporulation, and curative agent
  • Improving crop’s growth
  • Improving crop’s root quality
  • No cross resistance with other fungicides