Active ingredient

: Fenoksaprop-p-etil 120 g/l

Registration number

: RI. 01030119931099

Formulation form  

: Oil emulsion

Formulation color   

: White

Working method            

: Systemik and contact


: Not hazardous


: 100ml


Systemic and post-growth herbicide in white colored water concentrated oil emulsion form to control weed growth on shallot, mung bean, string bean, peanut, soy, pineapple plantations as well as rice field. Rumpas also acts as a growth-managing agent on sugar crops.




  • Highly effective to control grasses (Echinochloa colona, Echinochloa crusgalli, Leptochloa sinensis) hence saving manpower.
  • Economical (200 – 400 ml/ha)
  • Speedy result
  • Longer period of usage (14 – 20 days after planting)