Movento Energy

Active ingredient

: Imidakloprid 120 g/l

Registration number

: RI. 01010120113981

Formulation form  

: Concentrated suspension

Formulation color   

: Grayish white

Working method            

: Systemic


: Fairly hazardous


: 50ml, 100ml


Contact, digestive, systemic insecticide in grayish white suspension concentrate to control pests on apple, shallot, chili, corn, guava, orange, potato, mango, melon, rambutan, watermelon, tobacco, and tomato crops.



  • New active ingredients
  • New operating method by inhibiting lipid biosynthesis
  • Two-way systemic
  • Long lasting, no need to use it as often
  • Very effective in controlling silverleaf whitefly
  • Reduced number of application due to its durability
  • No cross resistance with other active ingredients
  • Protection against natural enemies