As the world population grows & food demand increases, food production also needs to be improved to ensure that no one sleeps with hunger. Food production is highly dependent on land availability for cultivation, however, the rapid industrial growth demands a change in land use from agriculture to industrial purposes. Our biggest challenge is to increase the productivity of the available land (which are diminishing).


Bayer Crop Science division believes that sustainable innovation approach is the key to improving food production. Accordingly, Bayer Crop Science division is involved in breeding, developing, producing, and marketing high quality hybrid rice seeds. Bayer Crop Science division has an excellent reputation for producing superior hybrid rice seeds as well as dedicated and experienced personnel. Arize® hybrid rice seeds is able to provide significant increase in yield from the same land, which helps to increase overall food production and simultaneously improve the economy of rice farmers.



  1. Produces >25% more yields compared to best inbred varieties
  2. High tolerant against Kresek / BLB (Bacterial Leaf Blight)
  3. Rice with aromatic flavor
  4. Up to 70% yield


Product Details*

All Bayer’s hybrid rice seeds are sold under the Arize® brand (* characteristics based on the release of varieties)


H6444 Gold

• Resistant to Bacterial Leaf Blight (BLB)

• Produces 20-30% higher results compared to inbred local varieties

• Medium duration 120 - 125 HSS

• Slender grain seeds (medium slender)

• 13 - 16 productive tillers per plant 13-16

• 260 – 335 grains per panicle

• Suitable for rainy and dry seasons

• Grinding rate of 70%

• Registered release of variety by the Minister of Agriculture of Indonesia in November 2013


• Medium duration 124 - 127 HSS

• High yield potential

• Seeds of slender grain (medium slender)

• 12 - 15 productive tillers per plant

• 260 - 335 grains per panicle

• Registered release of variety by the Minister of Agriculture of Indonesia in November 2013


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