Animal Health

Our business unit Animal Health ranks among the leading international innovators in its fields. We develop and market products and solutions in the prevention and treatment of diseases for pets and farm animals.


Products for farm animals:

  • Baytril 100 Injection
    Speed up the successful treatment of respiratory disease in cattle and pigs with one shot.
  • Baycox 5%
    Coccidiosis prevention and treatment of pigs and cattle.
  • Baycox 2.5%
    Coccidiosis control and treatment of poultry.
  • Baymec
    Endo-ectoparasites control and treatment for cattle and pigs.
  • Baymix Latibon Plus ME
    Feed additives to improve the farm animals’ performance with a microencapsulation technology that improve the digestibility and palatability of the feed.
  • Baytril 10% Oral Solution
    The Right medicine against poultry respiratory disease.
  • Catosal Injection
    Supportive treatment for metabolic disorders due to lack of nutrition, development and nutrition disorders of young animals, tonic in weakness, secondary anemia, fatigue, and chills on farm animals and pets.
  • Neguvon
    Antiectoparasites for cattle, pigs, horses, sheeps, goats, chickens, fishes, and larva.
  • Rintal Bolus
    Broad-spectrum anthelmintic treatment in bolus-shaped for farm animals.
  • Rintal Granule
    Anthelmintic treatment for both intestinal and lungworms, effective for all levels of larvae and worms of farm animals.
  • Toxisorb Classic
    Mycotoxin binder, efficiently binds polar mycotoxins found in animal feedstuff.
  • Toxisorb Premium
    Mycotoxin binder, efficiently binds polar and non polar mycotoxins found in animal feedstuff.
  • Vigantol E
    Antideficiency of vitamins A, D3, and E for farm animals.


Products for companion animals:


Anti Infective

  • Baytril Flavour Tab
    Broad spectrum antibacterial, effective for both growing and stationary bacteria in dogs and cats