Calcium supplement to help maintain healthy bones and teeth in adults, growth period (over the age of 12 year-old) and also meet calcium needs in pregnant women and maintain healthy and strong bones.

CDR contains a combination of Calcium (250 mg), Vitamin C (1000 mg), Vitamin D (300 IU), and Vitamin B6 (15 mg) formulas that are important for bone health.

CDR has obtained the MUI Halal certificate. CDR Calcium Supplements No. 1 in Indonesia.

CDR Fortos

Supplements with extra calcium and Vitamin D (600 mg Calcium and 400 IU Vitamin D) which help meet daily calcium needs at the age of 40 year-old and above, meet the calcium needs of pregnant and lactating women, help in supporting conditions of fracture recovery, and additional supplementation of osteopenia (low bone density) and osteoporosis patients.

CDR Fortos has obtained a MUI Halal certificate. CDR Calcium Supplements No. 1 in Indonesia.

Tonikum Bayer

Multivitamin containing iron, manganese, zinc and vitamin B complex with fruit flavor (tutti fruity) that is safe for consumption every day for all family members.

Tonikum Bayer has been trusted by many Indonesian families since generations. Tonikum Bayer is produced by PT. Bayer Indonesia so that its safety and quality are guaranteed.

Redoxon Triple Action

Redoxon, No. 1 effervescent immune system supplement, is a supplement of Vitamin C, D, and Zinc to help maintain endurance during travel, weather changing conditions, and pollution exposure.

Redoxon Fortimun

Redoxon Fortimun is a supplementation of Vitamins A, D, E, B complex and a combination of minerals Iron, Copper, Zinc, Selenium to help maintain endurance.


Berocca helps meet the needs of the Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc that the body needs on busy days.