26 January 2015

The Benefits of Family Planning for a Better Life

Being able to provide a better future and safety for family and children was the dream of Karsilah and Yuriah, two entrepreneur housewives―one who sells bread and another one sells accessories―in Kutu Sumbermulyo Village, Bambanglipuro Sub-district, Bantul, Yogyakarta.


"In the past, my parents didn’t join the Family Planning (Keluarga Berencana/KB), so that the birth interval between me and my siblings are not organized and planned well. When I was in need of parents’ attention and facilities, my sister was born, and then my brother. My life was so difficult because my parents could not pay for higher education. I must gave way to to my younger siblings. It was a bitter experience, and made me determined that in the future, my children should not feel what I used to feel. Therefore, since I haven’t married, I committed to run a KB program properly. Thank God, my husband was also very supportive in that intent," said Karsilah, a 38-year-old mom, who is now having 3 children.


With the guidance and counseling from Midwife Karjiyem, Bayer Ambassador of Oral Contraception (OC), Karsilah began to plan children birth interval of her children. The following month after her first child was born in 2000, Karsilah decided to use Bayer contraceptive pill. She used another Bayer contraceptive pill, after the birth of her second child in 2006, and from the birth of her third child―whom she planned carefully with Karjiyem―until now, she always uses Bayer contraception pills. "I am comfortable using Bayer products. Although the price is not cheap, I still prefer Bayer because I don’t want to take risks by using other products. I feel good, healthy, and now I have time to work and take care of home and family, and of course, I still have time to relax and take care of myself," said Karsilah.


With a good and careful planning in birth interval, Karsilah began to enjoy the results. Her home and family are taken care well, her three children can get a more prosperous life, and the bakery business, named “Sarmijan”, achieves a great success. Now, she has 25 employees and is able to accept orders up to thousands pack. "If I didn’t join KB, I do not necessarily have time to develop my business, and I probably will be just an ordinary housewife who only takes care of home and family. By joining this KB program and using the right contraceptive, my life could now be better and safer," she said.


"Karsilah is one of many smart women in Indonesia, which recognized the importance of keeping the birth interval to make a quality family, by following the KB program. Because contraception is very useful for the mother, both physically and psychologically. Physically, the mother will feel healthy and fit because she has time to take care of herself, while psychologically mother will feel comfortable and calm because she can carry out her obligations as a wife without worrying about getting pregnant. Socially and economically, the mother could also have the freedom to help the family economy and create a quality family. The role of mother to hone, compassionate, and foster children can be run better," said The OC Ambassador Midwife Karjiyem.


The same benefits are also felt by Yuriah, 29-year-old mother who recently had one child. "Since I haven’t married, I determined to join the KB program because I have to help the economy of my family. "If I didn’t join the KB program, I will not have time to work and develop the business as it is now. Now my daughter is almost 5 years old, and I'm planning to add a child, with the guidance of Midwife Karjiyem. By doing the KB program and choose the right contraceptive, my life is now easier, more relaxed, and safer. For me, this is a better life," she said.