21 January 2019

Redoxon Prepares Indonesian Commuters to Keep Their Immune System Strong & Healthy

JAKARTA, Indonesia, 19 January 2019 – Redoxon, the leading Immunity Vitamin Brand from Bayer, today launched the #KomuterTegar campaign to spread awareness towards commuters in Indonesia to keep their immune system strong and healthy because of their routine traveling activities, especially during the rainy season. The campaign launch is marked by a convoy of dozens of online ojek drivers along ten kilometers on the arterial roads of Jakarta.


Institute Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP)1 said the people of Jakarta and its surroundings spend an average of 400 hours a year traveling to and from work – or approximately two hours per day. Eventhough, spending a long time on the travel is one of the external factors reduces the commuters’ immune system.


“It’s hard to avoid everyday pollutants such as traffic emissions and the uncertain weather changes. It can make your body more susceptible to illnesses. However, maintaining a strong immune system can help you to stay on top form. With the #KomuterTegar campaign, Redoxon® engages commuters to put more concern and efforts to stay healthy. Therefore, they could move continuously without worrying about their immune system,” said Kinshuk Kunwar, General Manager, PT Bayer Indonesia Consumer Health Division. Redoxon® is one of Indonesia’s leading Immunity vitamin brands2 and continues to offer a range of innovative products to help support and maintain Indonesians body’s natural defences.


In this campaign, Redoxon involved dozens of online ojek drivers. This profession represents the reality of what commuters in Indonesia go through and how they struggle to face external factors that weakens their immunity system.


“Having to commute for almost the whole day along with unpredictable weather and chaotic traffic surely drains our stamina and physically challenges us. Moreover, only with good immunity we can provide good services for our customers. Redoxon #KomuterTegar campaign is a reminder for us to maintain our immunity so that we don't get sick easily and can continue to serve users,” said Rogunar, one of the online ojek drivers from Jakarta.


Likewise, Reza Chandika, a radio broadcaster and digital influencer, also acknowledges how crucial to have a maintained body immune system as he needs to keep up with busy activities, especially in rainy season. Limited time requires him to change various modes of transportation to get to the destination quickly, including using ojek online. However in rainy season, he felt it is easier for viruses to linger and spread. "Always having full schedule forces me to stay healthy. Therefore, I need to take supplement such as a combination of Vitamin C and Zinc to keep my immune system strong and healthy,” Reza concluded.


In terms of health risks, commuting activities are prone to exposure to viruses – flu is a common one. “When commuting, commuters are in an environment with uncertain level of cleanliness. Moreover, public transportation that ussually packed in peak hours is potentially have a role in transmitting viruses and germs. It not only from human to human but it can easily fly and stick to the surface of objects, such as handles in trains, motorcycle seats, and ojek online’s helmets. Redoxon is an innovative high strength formula that contains Zinc work together with the Vitamin C to provide long lasting support for your immune system,” said Dr. Suci Sutinah Diah Suksmasari, Regional Medical Lead Redoxon, PT Bayer Indonesia Consumer Health Division.


Vitamin C functions as antioxidant to ward off free radicals and helps increase protection from inside the body. Air pollution encountered by commuters, such as cigarette smoke, motorized vehicles and factories, and ultraviolet light trigger the formation of free radicals. Excessive exposure to free radicals causes cell damaged, and weakens immunity so that the body is susceptible to various diseases. Not enough with only vitamin C, zinc intake also has a positive impact on the body’s immunity. This mineral serves to accelerate the work of vitamin C, and contribute to the body's defenses as well as helps the wound healing process.


In line with the launch of #KomuterTegar campaign, Redoxon reintroduces its superior variant: Redoxon Double Action that combines 1,000 milligram of vitamin C and 10 milligram of zinc in one effervescent tablet. Redoxon Double Action is available in two variants: 1) Orange: comes in packages of 10 tablets, 20 tablets, and 2 tablets, 2) Blackcurrant: comes in a package of 10 tablets. All Redoxon variants can be purchased through Bayer Health Official Partner on the leading e-commerce channel, Shopee.co.id.


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1 https://www.itdp-indonesia.org, 2015
2 Indonesian Vitamin Mineral Supplement Market, Nielsen, Oct 2018