19 March 2014

IBI and PT Bayer Indonesia Held Pemantapan Program Bidan Delima 2014 Roadshow

Jakarta, 26 June 2014 – Indonesia Midwifes Association (IBI) commemorating its 63rd anniversary, marked with its strengthening commitment to continue improving midwifery to achieve a high quality generation.

One of the programs conducted by IBI in collaboration with PT. Bayer Indonesia is conducting roadshow titled “pemantapan program bidan delima” and the 2014 family planning revitalization.


As health care professional, midwifes plays an important rolebecause approximately 63% of the 4,6 million births per year In Indonesia is managed by midwifes. In addition to that 76,6 % of family planning service is also served by midwifes. Dr. Emi Nurjasmi, M.Kes Chairman of PP IBI on today’s press conference stated, “As a professional organizationof midwifes that overseas more than 225,000 midwifes in Indonesia, IBI always grounded to its vision and mission aimed at achieving a global standard of professional midwives as the front – liner holds a strategic position to provide a comprehensive holistic health care that is continuous, integrated and complate, including promotive, preventive, curative andrehabilitative efforts aimed at achieving to optimal health status of mothers and children”.


“Revitalization of family planning programs is an important issue that we are strongly supported. Therefore, we continually conduct advocacy and education activities to improve the knowledge and skills of midwifes in family planning programs through roadshow Bidan Delima program in the form of seminars. With these activities, we expected that the service quality of Bidan Delima could become a standards reference of service quality for independent practice midwives in Indoensia. In addition to that, still in the moment of our anniversary, we also organize various activities such as media roadshow to Lamongan, East Java on May 10 and social service o may 23 that was held in IBI’s office in Jakarta. We call upon all IBI members to constantly improve its ability to provide the best service to the community”.


This year is the second time for the roadshow took place where as many as 16 provinces (40 districts / cities) were visited. IBI planned that every district/cities visited could gather around 2,000 facilitator and Bidan Delima in the event conducted between March-June 2014 . Bidan Delima program is a system / mechanism developed by IBI to standardize competency and clinical practice in order to improve the quality of obstetric services among Independent Practice Midwife (BPM) with an emphasis through monitoring and evaluation as well as continuous training. Bidan Delima program main target is Independent Midwives Practice (BPM) which hold valid SIPB and a Diploma 3 graduate by 2015.3


Ashraf Al-Ouf, General Manager PT Bayer Indonesia stated, “More than 30 years Bayer Indonesia, through one of its divisions, namely Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals cooperate with various health organizations including IBI to promote national Family Planning (KB) program. Since 2013, we are working with IBI to re-inforce Bidan Delima program. We will continue supporting the activities of IBI in particular and the Indonesian government in general, aimed at suppressing the population growth rate through independent KB so that women in Indonesia able to manage their families to nurture a high quality generation. Bayer Indonesia provides a wide range of contraceptive methods both long term and short term.”


The results of Indonesia Demographic and Health Survey (SDKI) in 2012 reveal that the family planning program success rate was less than expected proven by the Total Fertility Rate (TFR) at level 2.6 since 2002. Total Fertility Rate (TFR) could be reduced by conducting various steps such as increasing the coverage of CPR, reducing the number of unmet-need (unwanted births), improving KB-LTM, reducing dropout contraceptive rate. 4


Therefore, on the same occasion, the Head of BKKBN, Prof.dr.Fasli Jalal, Ph.D., SpGK stated, "It takes great effort from all stakeholders to achieve the 2015 MDG's target in population and family planning programs. BKKBN needs support from various elements of society, among them was IBI, to achieve BKKBN vision, namely Balanced Population Growth by 2015, described as declining TFR to 2,1 and Net Reproductive Rate (NRR) =1.5 Besides that, in Indonesia the unmet needs family planning services in 2012 was recorded as high as 11.4. We are appreciated with IBI full support across Indonesia who actively participates in the revitalization of family planning in the country. "


At the end of his explanation Head of BKKBN said "BKKBN’s strategy to increase the accessibility of family planning services are expanding the coverage of KB services health center, improving the number of health care professional that was specialized in family planning service, and providing easy access toward desired KB service. It is expected that each health center have received certification for family planning service skills that was issued by BKKBN in cooperated health care professional organizations (IDI and IBI). "