30 August 2016

Hawin Afif Masuddin, global winner of the Bayer LIFE Award for Efficiency

Hawin Afif Masuddin (Hawin), Production Supervisor at the Crop Science Surabaya Plant has won the BAYER LIFE AWARD 2016 for the Efficiency category. During the award ceremony in Leverkusen, Germany, Hawin received his award from Bayer’s CEO, Werner Baumann. The annual BAYER LIFE AWARD has been held since 2011 and it recognizes and awards employees from around the world who excel in the four LIFE categories including Leadership, Integrity and Flexibility.

Hawin Afif Masuddin receiving his LIFE award from Bayer AG CEO, Werner Baumann
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Hawin posing with Liam Condon, Member of Board of Management of Bayer AG responsible for Crop Science

Hawin is among many submitted names and he was selected through a rigorous and strict standard process that is applied to all proposed employees from around the world. During the review, Hawin stood out above the rest in his ability in managing resources efficiently while remaining focused in creating value for the company through collaborative efforts in seeking solutions.

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It all started with the challenge of addressing a production issue faced by machine operators. Hawin sees the need for operators to be able to handle all machines in order to maintain high level productivity. Hawin then took the initiative to create Operator Competency Development Program (OCDP), which was then followed by training and capacity development for 47 production operators. Now, every one of the operators can operate all of the production machines and they can work at any time of the shifts to fulfill the plant’s production requirement.

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Hawin with operators at the production line of the Crop Science plant in Surabaya

“I believe we must always strive to develop ourselves through capacity development and training so that we remain relevant with what is needed. To me, innovation can be simple and yet it can create true value for everyone, especially for our company,” said Hawin.

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Hawin with Ezra Sucipto, Head of the Crop Science plant in Surabaya

Ezra Sucipto, Head of Supply Center Crop Science Surabaya, ”Hawin is a role model for us all. Hawin delivers by working hard and remaining committed in giving his best for the company and the team. I am very proud that Hawin’s effort is being recognized globally. I hope that Hawin’s achievement can inspire Bayer employees around the world and especially in Indonesia, and to remind us to always do our best, to collaborate and to trust each other as we reach for our collective success.”

Ashraf Al-Ouf, President Director of PT Bayer Indonesia who was present at the ceremony added, “This is a true achievement, for Hawin, for the Surabaya plant team and for all of us in Indonesia. I am very proud of Hawin’s success and the recognition that he received tonight highlights the world class quality of Bayer employees in Indonesia and what can be achieved when we continue to work hard and do our best, while upholding our company’s values and apply the highest ethical standard.”

Hawin joined the Surabaya plant in November 2006 as an operator and assumed the current supervisory role in 2012. Hawin’s achievement is the result of hard work, commitment, collaboration and a strong team work, all in all, a true realization and testament to the LIFE values of Bayer and our work culture.



LIFE Awards 2016 also be given to Asif Tanweer from India, Gina Lu from Cina, dan Dorothée Delie from Belgia, for their dedication and commitment in Leadership, Integrity, and Flexibility. They received the prizes from Bayer CEO Werner Baumann at the Global Leadership Conference, which took place from August 29 to 31 in Düsseldorf.


About LIFE

The word LIFE doubles up as an acronym for Bayer’s key values and leadership principles. LIFE stands for Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility and Efficiency.

These values apply to everyone at Bayer and are firmly integrated into our global performance management system for managerial employees.


Our value culture ensures a common identity within the enterprise across national boundaries, management hierarchies and cultural differences.