28 June 2016

Crop Science Named as The Most Admired Company 2016

Crop Science Indonesia has been named again as the Most Admired Company in the category of Crop Protection. Crop Science has come up tops based on an independent survey, Corporate Image Survey 2016, held by Frontier Consulting Group. Other four companies included in the category are PT Dupont Agricultural Products Indonesia, PT BASF Indonesia, PT Syngenta Indonesia, and PT Monsanto Indonesia.

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"The Most Admired Company 2016" in the category of Crop Protection

The survey was conducted by face to face interview and telephone interview in March-April 2016, and participated by some 3,670 people, categorized in four respondent groups, i.e. journalists – other than infotainment journalist (280), stock holders/investors (1325), middle-up management – business managers/players (1,165) as well as public community (900). They determined the Corporate Image Index (CII), reflecting Quality, Performance, Responsibilities, and Attractiveness aspects, and ranked Bayer as the winner of one of 127 reputation criteria included in the survey.


This year, Bayer Crop Science is successfully achieving the excellent category with CII score of 1.991, above PT DuPont Agricultural Products Indonesia (1.228), PT BASF Indonesia (0.751), PT Syngenta Indonesia (0.713), and PT Monsanto Indonesia (0.319). This year’ score is higher than last year, i.e. 1.806 for PT Bayer Indonesia, 1.276 for PT DuPont Agricultural Products Indonesia, 0.839 for PT Syngenta Indonesia, 0.789 for PT BASF Indonesia, and 0.289 for PT Monsanto Indonesia.