02 July 2015

Bayer Provides EUR 350,000 for World Talented Scientist

To show its commitment for science and technological advancements in Indonesia, Bayer reopens the scholarship program – Bayer Fellowship Program 2015, with total funding of  EUR 350,000 granted by Bayer Science & Education Foundation.


This is the nineth round of Bayer Fellowship Program, which offers targeted support for scientific exchange and international work experience for young people. The program targets the creative, highly motivated and socially committed young people with above-average grades. Since 2007 the Foundation has supported in total 302 fellows with about EUR 1.3 million throught its scholarship programs.


This scholarship program is one of Bayer’s commitment to support the advancementsof worldwide science. The scholarship is granted for foreign students wishing for a period of international study. Applications are welcome from teachers, students, and young professionals who wish to gain professional experience abroad through on-the-job assignment, apprenticeship, or complementary courses.


Bayer Fellowship Program provides five scholarships in both academic and non-academic sector. In the academic sector, the ambitious students with academic background in agricultural engineering, biology, biochemistry, plant-/biotechnology, bioprocess engineering, chemistry, chemical engineering, medicine, pharmacy, physics, statistics/biometrics and teacher training in scientific subjects are welcome to apply. The scholarships provided are Otto Bayer Scholarship (Natural Science), Carl Duisberg Scholarship (Medicine & Pharmacy), Jeff Schell Scholarship (Agro Sciences), and Kurt Hansen Scholarship (Science Teachers). Meanwhile, for the non-academic sector, the Hermann Strenger Scholarship are available to support the non-academic professionals. The application deadline for all five scholarship programs is July 10th, 2015.


Application forms and further information on the Bayer Fellowship Program and the Bayer Science & Education Foundation are available at www.bayer-foundations.com.