26 April 2016

Bayer is Looking for Novel Innovation in Healthcare Technology

Through Grants4Apps™, Bayer offers support to innovate healthcare startups and developer teams.

Grants4Apps™is an open innovation initiative, launched in 2013 as a crowdsourcing program. It provides financial support to developers and startups for their software, hardware and technology projects which contribute to improve health outcomes or pharmaceutical processes.


The crowdsourcing program was expanded with the Accelerator as a new model of open innovation in the digital health field in 2014. The “Grants4Apps™Accelerator” offers dedicated office space for 5 digital health startups with concepts for innovative technology solutions to healthcare problems at the headquarters of the company’s pharmaceutical division in Berlin to support them in further advancing their projects and business models. Each startup receives up to 50,000 Euro as financial support and can stay in the “Grants4Apps™Accelerator” premises for about 100 days. During that time, Bayer offers experienced managers as coaches to the startups, in addition to intensive mentoring by external entrepreneurs. Thereby, the Accelerator creates an ideal environment in which to advance cutting-edge technologies in healthcare and underlines Bayer’s engagement in collaboration with young entrepreneurs.


In addition, Bayer opened a “Grants4Apps™ Co-working Space” in the company’s offices in Barcelona, Spain, to host up to five digital-health startups.


The program will be open for submissions from April 1st to May 31st, 2016, by submitting your proposal via the submission form provided on our website: www.grants4apps.bayer.com/berlin/


Source: https://www.grants4apps.com/berlin/