20 April 2015

Bayer Indonesia Launches Latest Oral Contraception Containing Estradiol Valerate with Additional Benefits to Treat Heavy Menstrual Bleeding (HMB)

Oral contraception that delivers estradiol, a hormone that has similar biological effects as natural estrogen produced by a woman’s body

  • Clinically proven (99%) to be effective for preventing pregnancy with precise dosage
  • Clinically proven to treat Heavy Menstrual Bleeding (HMB) in women without organic pathology (abnormality of the reproductive organ)

Jakarta, 20 April 2015, Bayer Indonesia launches latest oral contraceptive whose estrogen component is based on estradiol, the same estrogen that is produced in the female body.

For the first time, this new oral contraceptive from Bayer uses a combination of estradiol valerate and dienogest in a unique dosage for a 28-day regiment, which consists of 26 pills containing hormones and 2 placebo pills.

The oral contraceptive with estradiol valerate and dienogest from Bayer was developed to help modern women to have the choice for the right contraception that can best suit their physical requirement. A dynamic, modern woman requires oral contraception that matches her body well so that she can maintain her vigor and remain active daily. A clinical study involving more than 2,200 women between the ages of 18 to 50 years old has proven that oral contraception with estradiol valerate and dienogest is effective as a combined oral contraceptive.

In addition to preventing pregnancy, this new oral contraceptive from Bayer containing estradiol valerate and dienogest hormones, is the first oral contraceptive to be clinically proven to have the additional benefit treatment of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding (HMB) for women without organic pathology (abnormality of the reproductive organ).

Approximately 52% of women have experienced HMB in their lifetime4. HMB is a common condition where women sustain menstrual bleeding of around ≥ 80 mL per cycle (1 spoon = 15ml) or using more than 1 (one) sanitary napkin every hour continously. However, HMB is often neglected even though it has a tremendous effect on the woman and her body.

A different clinical study has also shown that this latest oral contraceptive is an effective option for women to improve the HMB condition faster, more sustainable, and significantly after one month treatment5. This oral contraceptive from Bayer decreases menstrual bleeding by almost 88% after a six month treatment compared to the condition before the therapy6,7. It has also been significantly proven to improve the hemoglobin and ferritin (iron substance) levels of women suffering HMB.

“Today’s modern women have a deeper understanding on living a healthy life and really take into consideration about what they put into their body on a daily basis. They will look for contraception that they can rely on to help keep their body balanced,” said Prof. Calaf.

Furthermore, Prof. Calaf said that this new contraceptive from Bayer was uniquely designed to work hormonously with a woman’s body by providing proper levels of estrogen and progestin at the right moment during the cycle. Therefore, this oral contraceptive could be relied on by women in order to have a good menstrual cycle9,10 as well as to help maintain the estradiol to stay within the normal level during the first few days of the natural menstrual cycle.

Prof. Biran Affandi added, “Every woman needs a different type of contraception. It is also important to provide sufficient information regarding the types of oral contraception suitable to meet their lifestyle and needs. As women’s education and the social status progress, they will seek further information on oral contraceptive pill that best suit their lifestyles. Women who choose to use this oral contraceptive have shown a high level of satisfaction and 9 out of 10 say that they experience some improvements in their quality of life.

President Director of PT Bayer Indonesia Ashraf Al-Ouf said, “As the market leader in female contraception globally including Indonesia, Bayer remains committed to offer women and their healthcare providers a wide range of hormonal contraceptives to recognize women’s individual needs and their choices regarding contraception. This oral contraceptive has earned the international approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2009 and the legal permission from the Indonesian National Agency of Drugs and Foods Control (BPOM) in October 2013 for the treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding without organic pathology. The launch of this oral contraceptive today in Indonesia proves Bayer’s commitment in innovation as well as marks the beginning of a new era in oral contraception.”

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