26 March 2014

Bayer Indonesia Launched The Latest Medical Treatment Options for Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration

PT Bayer Indonesia - Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals officially launched VEGF Trap Eye; Aflibercept as the latest treatment options for wet age-related macular degeneration.

Wet age-related macular degeneration is the main cause of vision lost for people above 50 years. This is caused by the deteriorates of “macula”, the middle part of the retina. Retina is the light sensing nerve located at the back of the eye. This disorder happens as the person ages. The ‘wet’ form from macular degeneration happens because abnormal growth of blood vessel of choroid that is located under the macula.  This abnormal growth leads to the forming of vulnerable and fragile vessels. When the vessels bursts it causes the blood and the fluid flow to the retina and lead to vision distortions as when the person sees a line becomes wavy.


As a part of its commitment to provide the better life by elevating human’s quality of life, Bayer introduces VEGF Trap Eye; Aflibercept as the latest medical treatment option for wet AMD. With VEGF Trap Eye; Aflibercept, we only need fewer injections that the common treatments, to get the same level of efication.


By the growth of elderly, it is estimated that the wet AMD sufferer will also increase. In Indonesia in year 2010, there are 1,8 million or 9.6% from total population elderly above 50 years. This put Indonesia as top 5 countries with the most elderly in world. The government has predicted that in 2025, this number will explode to 36 millions. This increasing indicates that there are some healths issues need to be noticed, and it needs supports from the medical professionals to oversee their life quality and productivity.


“As the company who supports research based innovations, Bayer wants to help and increase society life as the answer to this huge challenge – the increasing number of world population, the getting older people and how to support life quality improvements by providing efficient  medical treatment for the patients,” said Ashraf Al-Ouf, Country Head Bayer Healthcare Indonesia.


Among all health indicators index, Indonesian people (especially the elderly) consider high cholesterol suffering, decreasing vision, stroke, flu plague, and arthritis as the highest threat for their health. Vision loss is considered as the most frightening one for 20% of the population, higher that cancer (13%), flu plague (17%), and stroke (19%). It is also reputed as frightening as high cholesterol (21%).


To prevent the deadly impact of vision loss, it is important to do early detection among the society. They can independently do the vision check up to detect the possibility of wet AMD. The examination can be undergone by oneself using a simple test tool called Amsler Grid. The sights of wavy line or distortions indicate eyes disorder. Early detection and immediate wet AMD treatment can help reducing vision loss and keeping the vision capacity or even increasing it.


VEGF Trap Eye; Aflibercept treatment from Bayer is started with 1 injection each month for the first three doses, followed with one injection every two months. There is no need of supervisory between every injection.