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IBI and PT Bayer Indonesia Held Pemantapan Program Bidan Delima 2014 Roadshow
Jakarta, 26 June 2014 – Indonesian Midwifes Association (IBI) commemorating its 63rd anniversary, marked with its strengthening commitment to continue improving midwifery to achieve a high quality generation. One of the programs conducted by IBI in collaboration with PT Bayer Indonesia is conducting roadshow titled “Pemantapan Program Bidan Delima” and The 2014 Family Planning Revitalization. » more
Indonesian Midwives Association and PT Bayer Indonesia Strengthen Bidan Delima Program and Revitalize 2014 Family Planning Program
Bayer Indonesia and the Indonesian Midwives Association – Ikatan Bidan Indonesia (IBI) – agreed to strengthen the Bidan Delima program for two thousand midwives spread throughout 40 regencies/cities in 16 provinces. » more
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