• research - The Bayer Scientific Magazine

    Protecting a Precious Resource

    Water is the most vital resource for life, and water conservation is therefore an essential element of sustainable agriculture. Experts at Bayer CropScience have developed an innovative system for farmers that is designed to prevent contamination of surface waters by, for example, crop protection agents.

  • Petani Padi di Sragen

    Kecintaan para petani terhadap padi, mungkin ibaratnya kecintaan orangtua terhadap anak-anaknya. Sejak membuka mata di pagi hari sampai menutup mata di malam hari, padi selalu menjadi pusat perhatian mereka.

  • research – The Bayer Scientific Magazine

    Sights Set on the Eye

    The destruction of cells in the retina often results in severe visual impairment and a significant loss of quality of life. Researchers from Bayer HealthCare are now testing a new eye drop formulation which is under investigational use for the potential treatment of wet age-related macular degeneration.

  • Farming's Future

    Digital Farming - Bit by Bit

    The face of agriculture has changed: tractors and combines are highly automated and crammed with a vast array of sensors. Scientific and technological advances are opening up new possibilities for farmers around the world. The networked digital farm of the future is already making agriculture more efficient and sustainable today. selanjutnya
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